POSTNET is a barcode used by the U.S Postal Service. It is a numeric symbology that supports 5, 6, 9 and 11 digits.

Generating this barcode using the Barcode Generator

The easiest way to create this barcode is to use the Barcode Generator included in the installation package. Simply goto the Start Menu and launch Aeromium Barcode Fonts > Barcode Generator. This software automates and simplifies the creation of the barcodes for you. After the barcode is created, you can simply copy and paste the barcode into your documents.

Generating this barcode using the Barcode Generator

Generating this barcode in Excel

POSTNET Barcode Fonts

The following font is supported by Aeromium.

FontPOSTNET.ttf (Font Size 9)

Using this Barcode Manually

The following table lists the characters supported by the POSTNET barcode. This is a simple barcode and the characters can be used directly.

Data to be Encoded Font Character to use Values used for calculating Check Character
Start Character'[' 
Stop Character']' 


To encode the data "56789" with the check digit manually, simply key in "[567895]" and select the FontPOSTNET.ttf font. The output is as follows :

The "5" is the check digit and its computation is illustrated in the section below.

How to compute the check digit

For example if the data "56789" is to be encoded as a barcode. The check digit is computed as follows.

Sum : 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 = 35
If Sum Mod 10 is 0, the result is 0. Otherwise the result is 10 - (Sum Mod 10)
Modulo 10 :10 - (35 % 10) = 5
Data to be encoded567895
Include Start and Stop characters[567895]

The characters "[567895]" can then be keyed in to the text editor with the appropriate font selected to generate a Postnet barcode with check digit.

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